alligators, crocodiles and marital disputes

took a morning walk on the beach with the 2 oldest

IMG_5419 IMG_5542

today we bopped around the South African country-side in our less than capable, 3-speed Toyota Avanza

sometimes it’s fun to just punch a random town in the GPS and go

…and sometimes it’s bad for your marriage – haha

today was one of those 2

after off-roading with 11″ tires and screaming kids, we arrived at Crocodile Creek

we were the only visitors there at the time and were a little weirded out by the 1-on-1 attention

things got a little stranger when 12 members of the Kwazula Natal Police showed up and wanted to join our tour for free admission

they were great to have along with (giddy like school-girls)


IMG_5457 IMG_5461 IMG_5469

we hit up beach in Umdloti (pronounced umschloti) for a bit


then headed to Umhlanga (pronounced umschlanga) for a bite




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