we’ve been gone for over 2 weeks now and the excitement of it all ebbs and flows

yesterday it was ebbing…or flowing…not sure which is which (but pretty sure it was ebbing – it felt ebbish)

we stopped by Hope House to say hey and shake some hands and kiss some babies – it was short but sweet

Brett was awesome and told me to take some time for myself…it was refreshing

Sonia & Lynne took a 6 week trip overseas a few months ago and the babies from the home went separately to different homes

during that time, Madoc (Siya at the time) went to the Tomlinsons (pictured below – not my picture)IMG_5124

they loved and cared for our son…and all things being equal have spent way more time with him than we have…yet

they invited us over for a traditional South African meal last night including Potjiekos (amazing) and pudding for dessert

we had a great time getting to know them…and our Madoc was the biggest topic of conversation, naturally

today, we took another hike, this time to New Germany Nature Reserve (not quite as good as the last one, but some nice sights)

I returned the favour to Brett, as she took the afternoon to go shopping with a few other ladies

Kai and I had a man-date tonight at the racially-provocative, Spur Steakhouse

oh yeah – and we hit the pool

all in all, the ebbs and flows are building a rhythm for our time here

tomorrow, we are moving to a new cottage by the beach for the remainder of the trip  IMG_5132 IMG_5215 IMG_5128 IMG_5152 IMG_5153 IMG_5165 IMG_5210 IMG_5207 IMG_5135

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