a Sunday at the beachfront

today, we headed back to Pinetown Presbyterian Church with our now 3 children (1 more than we had last week)

on the way home from church, I purchased a Durban Sunday Tribune and flipped to page 10 where none other than Madoc and Kai were smiling back at me (don’t be fooled, although Madoc is large for his age, he is not as big as he looks in the picture…but he is a)IMG_4808

a reporter had spotted our group yesterday at People’s Park by the Stadium and came over to snap a few pics and conduct a short interview – so cool that the new brothers could be featured

even better, is that Hope House (click on the name for link) got a little more free advertising in the most popular Sunday paper

getting used to a baby again is a bit of an adjustment, as our schedule revolves a little more around this 11 month old’s naps and eating times

after nap #1 of the day, we headed back into Durban to the beachfront

walked the promenade and enjoyed the muggy Durban air

I like this place

IMG_4835IMG_4834 IMG_4837



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