Nov. 20, 2014 – Adoption Day!


today is the day that we will celebrate every year with our family – the day Madoc Siyabonga Liske officially became our son

at about 2:15pm South Africa time, the papers were signed by the magistrate and now he’s stuck with us forever

we only met Madoc almost a week ago and already we can’t imagine life without him

like the typical #DadLife fanatic that I’ve seemingly become, I want to share every picture, every movement, every smirk and grin – but I’ll try to behave myself (but having 3 of the cutest kids around is a heavy burden to carry – haha)

I also have 11 months to catch up on not sharing my son with the world…

tonight, all 3 of my kids are under the same roof

Kai is the best big brother Madoc could’ve asked for and Rylan the sweetest big sister

tucking them in, I told them that if God had chose it – we would’ve adopted all 3 of them

we are so incredibly blessed

thanks to everyone who’ve been adventuring with us – your prayers, gifts, messages, ‘likes’ and kind words mean so much

we’ll have many more stories and adventures to share together – so stay tuned


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