the day before the rest of our lives


today was another rather chill day as we ran errands and had our first meal out together as a family, all with our son, Madoc (Siya) by our sides

Lynne & Sonia gave special gifts to us for Madoc to open on his first birthday from Granny and Nanny

not much to report during the day

but this evening, Siyabonga was thrown a Farewell Party at Hope House

they packed the house with staff, volunteer families, babies and everyone else in between

what a display of love for our son

they gave him gifts to remember where he comes from – pictures, clothes, Springbok jersey, etc

one of the volunteers put together a DVD slideshow of Madoc’s time at Hope House

as I sit back and reflect on this past week, the gravity and honour of Madoc being entrusted into our care does not escape me…just as we are beginning a new chapter in our lives with Madoc, so another chapter ends elsewhere (here)

this in-between time is hard on everyone but best for our son…

tonight, as we put our kids to bed…someone is obviously and drastically missing, as tomorrow Madoc will be officially our son

this is the last night being a family of 4 under one roof

may Madoc Siyabonga Liske embody all that God has given him

may he proudly hail from South Africa and now Canada

may he grasp the love that has been given to him here by so many

and may he grow and flourish into the man that God has created him to be

and my prayer for him will be the same as for all my kids: “God, please don’t let me screw them up too bad.”


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