on the mend

IMG_4544today was a rather chill day and that’s how we like it in the Liske household

arriving at Hope House this morning, we were greeted by much more contented and happy babies than the day before

still on antibiotics for a few days, but they are definitely on the mend

Madoc came with us for the full day today

having a gradual time of transition is rather painful for us, but we know that it’s much more healthy for him

we grabbed a few supplies (with a few odd looks from inquisitive folk grabbing a second, third or fourth glance at a skinny white lady hauling around a chubby black kid in her sling)

and then back to our place where Madoc was free to play with his new siblings and start to see what it’s like to be in a new family

we met with our South African Social Worker for a brief time to discuss court proceedings coming up on Thursday (can’t come soon enough)

Lynne and Sonia gave us some of the best gifts we could receive: a baby book for Siyabonga with pictures since he was 3 days old all the way til now, stories of firsts, stories of his family and friends and a beautiful big map of greater Durban to remind him where he came from.



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