baby currency


today was an out of sorts day of sorts

as soon as we arrived at the baby home, everyone was on their way to the doctor

chest, sinus and head colds have settled down in all the babies who exchange snot and slobber like common currency

so Brett and others set to work to help to disinfect toys, furniture, etc

the doctor prescribed antibiotics and other medications for all the babies – it’s quite the cacophony as they are administered

if you’re the praying sort, please do; if you’re not, you’re welcome to start

our Madoc was cheerful even though he was obviously feeling rough

Lynne & Sonia are troopers

I have decided that working in a baby home may very well not be my calling

on another topic entirely, Kai, Rylan and I had a blast mastering the art of the multi-shot using an iPhone and a GoPro at the pool this afternoon

thanks for reading along


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