First Sunday


it’s only been a few days here and already Madoc is very much our son, playing and wrestling with his new siblings and blending right in nicely

we went with Sonia and Lynne from Hope House to Pinetown Presbyterian Church for service this morning

what a pleasure as we were greeted warmly by the congregation that Madoc has been a part of since his birth – even dedicated there when he was just days old

they brought us up front and had the elders pray for us, as they entrusted Siya (Madoc) into our care

after church, we headed back to Hope House for a traditional South African ‘braai’ – their word for BBQ

we spent the afternoon playing with all the kids (there are currently 7 children in Hope House), another Canadian family who just adopted their son from Hope House last week, and many volunteers from the home

our boy, Madoc is well-loved, and it is evidenced as there have already been many tears shed over his leaving

what more could Brett and I ever ask for than for our son to be loved and cared for deeply by 2 amazingly selfless women and many volunteers, brought to church weekly, and to know that he is and will always be loved (he is in their ‘forever family’ – hopefully they can include us too…)


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