Madoc Siyabonga

many things have led us to this point and we are beyond blessed and ecstatic that Madoc is in our lives

we started the process of adoption with Mission of Tears adoption agency in the fall of 2013, after many years of praying and planning


our dossier was received in South Africa in January 2014

and then we waited

life carried on, but it wasn’t the same

there were times I’d return home and there would be a palpable hole in our family (a flickering knowledge that ‘someone’ was missing)

and then we got the call from the Ministry of Social Services in Saskatchewan to check our email…

I called Brett and rushed home so we could see the face of our new child (at this point we didn’t know if it would be a son or daughter and how old he or she would be)

and there he was…Siyabonga (which means many thanks)…immediately we knew he would be Madoc

we were given 3 1/2 weeks to get to Durban, South Africa

booked flights, booked accommodations, booked rental car

and more paperwork…

thankfully we were able to Skype every few days with our new son and 2 of the most amazing women who loved and cared for him since birth

we left Regina on Nov. 11th, 2014 and arrived in Durban on Nov. 13th via Calgary, London and Johannesburg


we promptly found our rental car…filled it with luggage and car seats and proceeded to figure out how to drive on the left/wrong side of the road completely jet-lagged


then we waited another 24 hours until we met him…Madoc (his new first name) Siyabonga (his new middle name)

we meandered our way to Hope House and waited for our South African Social Worker to join us as we met Madoc Siyabonga for the first time face to face

that was only yesterday…but he is forever etched in our hearts…our beloved son

this story will continue, but we wanted to catch you up to speed


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