perceived intentions

perceived intentions

perception is a fluid thing…no one can tell you how to perceive – you just do

intentions are hard to evaluate

but sometimes perception is reality

for that person at that time, something is real because that is how they see it

what are your intentions?

how do people perceive you?

a clarifying question of ‘Christian’ intentions:

is it your desire to make people feel more guilty or more drawn to Jesus?

having crossed paths with you, do people feel judged or graced?

what are your perceived intentions?

do you use the Bible as a weapon?

do you distort faith to mask your hate?

or do you reach out from your own brokenness to extend grace to others?

do you use the Bible as pointing to the source of hope?

does your faith dissolve hate?

may we come to terms with our intentions

may God soften our hearts towards others

and may we extend grace and peace


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