what church would Jesus join?

what church would Jesus join?

as a self-identified PostProPastor, I have my share of challenging questions for my own spiritual trajectory

at the end of the day, I pray my legacy would include striving toward unity in the Body of Christ

as we continue to discourse on denominationalism, let’s couch the discussion in this way:

what church would Jesus join?

which one (if any) would Jesus decide to align Himself with?

in your town, city, suburb, etc…which community would He commune with?

what would they be about?

is it yours?

is it one more ‘spiritually vibrant?’

is it one more ‘liturgically-minded?’

I’m interested in your immediate response to this – because I can hazard to guess that you may not immediately think yours…and why is that?

does any one church own the corner on Jesus?

does any one denomination?



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