church of the city

church of the city

though denominations may define much, they do not need to define all of who we are

I can safely say that there are indeed exceptions to strict denominationalism – those choosing to serve alongside other ‘tribes’

having heard many stories of why people choose to align themselves with their denomination, I appreciate the need and desire for such an alignment – common mission, stances and accountability

however, this seems to happen to the exclusion of others

everyone wants to believe that they are right

everyone wants to believe that their denomination is right…or at least most right

but at what point has our ‘personal preference’ actually fragmented the Body of Christ?

how many more denominations or movements need to start before we stop and ask: “is this what the Church should be?”

if everyone were to find the denomination/ church that’s ‘perfect’ for their personal preferences – there would be as many as the amount of individuals looking – creating millions of ‘denominations of me’

it may be that I personally have more in common with an entirely different denominational church in my city than I do with a church of my same denomination in another city

our mission to serve Jesus as we serve the people of our city should be the same

could there be a church of the city?

I believe there already is – we just don’t get along very well

is there a balance to be found between denominational affiliation and geographical unity?

leaders, pastors, denominational heads – I’m looking to you. your people are looking to you to lead the way, not in lip-service, but actual, enduring, active unity


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