denominations – what are they good for?

denominatins - what are they good for?


titles are interesting

what we call something or someone is very telling

and in our cultures built on language, the words we use are important

are you a Christian, or Evangelical, Jesus-follower, or Baptist, or Mennonite, or Apostalic or….?

how many different kinds of Baptists are there?

that church down the street has nothing to do with your church?

I have many friends in myriad denominations and expressions and I mean no offence

let me honestly and humbly ask, what are denominations good for?

are they a necessary good/evil?

I understand the need for different kinds of expressions, as people connect differently

but it seems as though we have become greatly disjointed from the greater Church

accountability is important, but denominational hierarchy is not the only form of accountability

what would a unified Church of Regina (where I live) look like? – tomorrow’s post

what/ who are we defined by?

can we unify under Jesus, or is He not big enough?

denominations have played their part up to now and have provided valuable traditions, learning and framework

where do we go from here? how do we humbly learn from tradition and progress?

there are many now who desire to be defined by Jesus…is unity even possible?

where do churches draw the line for who they would and who they would not serve with?

if you have chosen to belong to a denomination, why did you choose the one you have?

may we unite under the grace of Jesus and pursue unity where we are – may we be known by our love for one another

*disclaimer: though I paid homage to this song through the title of this post, I did not intend to make denominations synonymous with war


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