are you content?

in an affluent culture where ‘money’ is king – what does contentment look like?

is there an appropriate amount of stuff?

are possessions inherently bad?

should followers of Jesus be poor?

this is a very sensitive topic

and one that hits close to home

a few clarifying questions:

– are you content?

– if everything you have was taken away, would you still be content?

some people take vows of poverty

some people with much, use much to bless others

some people with little want more

some people with much want more

I believe our response should be an attitude of thankfulness

for when we are truly thankful, it naturally leads to generosity

and when we are truly generous, our eyes are open to need

what kind of grip do you have on possessions? and what kind of grip do possessions have on you?

are you white-knuckle, clinging to your stuff?

or do you hold them with an open hand?

are you accumulating more and more?

or are you becoming more and more generous?

this has little to do with amounts and ratios and the almighty tax-deductible receipt and more to do with attitude

are you thankful for what you have today?

and in turn, is your thankfulness inspiring your to be generous?

and is your generosity opening your eyes to needs?

what are you doing with what you have?

are you content?

because, I will submit that if you are not content right now – you never will be






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