program the hell out of them

Program the Hell Out of Them

deep within the recesses of the collective psyche, we know better and we desire deeper

but the tangible has such a draw

the concrete lines of the physical entice us

in an earlier post, I referred to this ‘drawing in’:

“what seems to happen is this – when a church-body decides to hire a professional pastor(s) and buy a building(s) there is a gravitational pull created, pulling everything around back into itself”

and in so doing, the church becomes a place…a time…an event

1-1.25 hours on a given day of the week becomes the epitome

getting people to that place at that time becomes the goal

discipleship unintentionally becomes less and less practically important

rather, we focus our energy/ resources on creating events and programs to ‘get people to church’ – buying into the concept that once they’re in, we can program the hell out of them (literally)

but, we are to come together to ‘go out’

a drawing in to disperse

as waves are drawn to the beach to be sent out to the ocean

ebbs and flows

being in but not of

salt and light

there is lip-service paid to church being the people

but our actions deny our words

it’s easier to give money and time to a program than it is to love our neighbour as ourself

it’s cleaner to expect clergy to preach convicting sermons than it is to model a grace-desperate life and allow the Holy Spirit to convict

and yet, deep within the recesses of the collective psyche, we know better and we desire deeper

Jesus calls us to follow Him and go

unfortunately, we may have been misled and inadvertently may have misled many others

your righteousness is not synonymous with your ‘church attendance’

your salvation is not dependent on your disciplines

you are not your membership number

please do not misunderstand me

coming together as a church is crucial

having spiritual disciplines is to be sought after

but you are called to be a child of the living God, an integral part of the body of Christ, to be the temple of the Holy Spirit

and it is in the midst of this deep calling that we live together to go out

may we be a city on a hill instead of merely an exclusive club with government-sanctioned tax breaks



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