like a fish out of water

I don’t actually think I was a fish out of water per se – I just like the sound of that phrase but…

I’ve often been asked by those close to me: “what are (were) you doing in a conservative, baptist church?”

quite truthfully, because I love the people that comprise this congregation

though we may not see eye to eye on trivial (as I might label them) details – it is a community chaulk-full of potential

I have deep hope for the Church (all-encompassing) and for my baptist church in the middle of the Canadian prairies

do I want to change much in it? yes

can I? no

but I have a firm belief that the Holy Spirit that flows in and through each believer will bring about the change He sees fit

I am currently reading: How to Be Evangelical without Being Conservative by Roger E. Olson and find there is much that resonates with where I am and have been – a proverbial fish out of water (another post on that later)

and just because I sometimes feel as though I’m gulping at the air in the sand instead of swimming in the sea – let’s wriggle our way together and see just how far down this grace of God truly goes



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