beware the judgemental one

brick plank

I don’t have the empirical data to back this up, but…

my experience has been that those who vocally and vehemently judge others, typically are overcompensating for their own shortcomings

(I really struggled with the approach to this post – as I prefer to look at the positive side, rather than the negative)

but it gives my spirit pause when I hear impassioned judgement over someone else, especially from those in Church leadership

Jesus spoke of specks and planks and even with planks removed, I believe there needs to be grace involved, not condemnation

the ultimate motivation for any discipline should be restoration

unfortunately, it’s far easier to demonize another to distract one’s self from one’s self than it is to come face to face with one’s desperate need for grace

and here is where it turns positive

look for those who are most gracious toward others – and I would submit that you will find some who are most close to the heart of Jesus

because when we truly understand the gravity of our own need for grace, how can we not extend the same to others…?

in the words of one of my favourite authors, Brennan Manning, who passed away on April 12, 2013: “All is grace.”



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