juggling the paradox


in response to yesterday’s post, I wanted to further address the paradox that seemingly exists between pre-destiny and free will

by definition, predestination is absolute – that everything has been set before by God for an individual

and by definition, free will is that which predestination is not – that absolute control is held by the individual

…but is it possible to juggle this paradox?

is it possible to maintain that God is in control and yet also gives us free will to choose?

does it have to be an either/ or?

…can it be a both/and?

can two opposites coincide in the same place?

there are distinct ramifications for the views one holds and this argument is not a new one by any means

denominations and factions have begun because of such disagreement

my heart is to see a coming together, rather than a further separating of the Church

– that instead of drawing lines that distance, we choose to discourse respectfully and come together

there is a sharpening that happens where differing views are able to discuss in mutual love and respect – with both being stronger and sharper as a result

is there room in this discussion for both/ and?


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