what is your destiny?


regardless of your religious or irreligious stance, do you believe in destiny?

and does that destiny pertain only to you, or is an an overarching stream of events and people toward a predetermined end?

or is this life completely free will? that we literally choose (and make) our own destiny?

people refer to this ‘destiny’ in many different ways:

God told me to do it (a highly dangerous and polarizing statement to say the least)

I was made for this

everything just fell into place

it is my calling

your view of destiny or lackthereof greatly determines your course of action in life (at least the motivation)

– if one believes that their decisions are playing into a cosmic plan, one would attempt to align their actions with said destiny

– if one believes that there is no plan, one would attempt to align their with own principles instead

and does the differentiation matter?

for example, say one who believes in destiny acts selflessly toward another, stating that they are simply being obedient to God and another one, who believes there is no destiny acts selflessly toward another, stating that they are simply following their own principles

– does the difference matter? does motivation change the result?

– does the ‘destined’ one act selflessly in order to be rewarded (and if so, is that truly selfless?)

running the risk of merely asking questions and providing little to no answers

– why do you do what you do?

– what is the motivation behind what you do?

I personally feel a distinct pull toward what I would define as God, specifically as revealed through Jesus. and as a result of this pulling, I strive to follow Jesus.

I try to temper my actions through evaluating my own motivations, but typically find the process entirely tiring

I guess I fall somewhere in the middle…I do believe God is calling me to follow Him and yet I have a distinct choice in that following (which just so happens to be a continuing choosing)

whether I’m fulfilling my life-long destiny seems inconsequential compared to whether I’m fulfilling my would-be destiny today

…so why do you do what you do?


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