lay down your burden (reprise)


I know so many people carrying carcasses around

guilty, festering, maggot-filled carcasses
every so often I find myself, digging up my own
…instead of shedding our skin, we lift these carcasses over our heads and put on our old selves
there is a tremendous, systemic problem with guilt
it can be completely debilitating
we come face to face with our own limitations and short-comings
and instead of reveling in our freedom, we wallow in self-pity
our ‘holy guilt’ can become masochistic
we almost enjoy feeling bad about ourselves
so, instead of living freely and wholly
we flog ourselves
I know so many who discredit themselves
trading vibrant, Jesus-filled lives
with flagrant lies
do any of these sounds familiar?
– you’re not good enough
– you’re disgusting
– you’re a sham and a liar
– you’re a hypocrite
– you’re worthless
– you’re not really forgiven
– you’re not really sorry
let us rise up from the ashes of ourselves
and fall deeper into Jesus

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