lay your burden down


shalom, my child

what burdens do you carry? because it looks as though your load is heavy
is that guilt you heave along your path?
what are you so ashamed of?
do you think I can’t see?
I know every last detail about you…
and yet, I love you more than you’ll ever know
please don’t look away
don’t you realize that you are free?
why do you insist on dragging that carcass?
hear my words
look into my eyes
you      are     free
you have been forgiven
why do you continue to wallow in the filth?
rise from the ashes of yourself
look now, the old has gone and the new has come
the light is shining
and peace is there for you to grasp
forgive yourself and accept my love
your mind is being made new
and your guilt is no more
so stop trudging through graveyards, there’s nothing to be found there
there is life to be lived
not simply eked out, but thriving
don’t try harder
don’t heap guilt on your own head
fall into me further
shalom, my child

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