13 months and 8 days


it has been 13 months and 8 days since I left…

in a previous series of post, entitled PostProPastor – I shared some of my struggles and joys with no longer being in ‘professional’ pastoral ministry

in the time following my leaving, I have been on an interesting journey

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many people from myriad denominations and expressions – these conversations and relationships have been very encouraging

I maintain much hope for the Church and am looking forward to the unifying collaboration I believe God is calling us to

it has felt very desert-like, this past year…and yet, necessary

many questions have been swirling around this mind of mine and I am constantly confronted with my own inconsistencies

I am generally pragmatic and not having details in place to follow makes it challenging to say the least

as the next chapter unfolds, please join with me as we meander through this life together

and welcome to the new blog!



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