us f(or) them

I recently stepped out of ‘professional’ pastoral ministry… but that’s another story for another time

during this ‘post-pro-pastor’ era I’ve been on an interesting journey, stories of which I’m sure you’ll be subjected to if you continue reading this blog

I hadn’t been able to pin-point exactly what had been bothering me in the months past…but then it came

I believe that as followers of Jesus we are called to be a blessing to others, to be about reconciliation, to bring hope, to be light, to be salt – not of ourselves, but as God works in and through us

but instead, so many are running around fear-mongering, perpetuating an ‘us or them’ mentality with little compassion – escapism, exclusivism, private-club-members-only-ism

Jesus looked on the crowds with compassion…like sheep without a shepherd but sometimes I’d swear my ‘brothers and sisters,’ in their rhetoric are taking it upon themselves in condemning people to hell

my friends,

it’s not us or them

it’s us for them

…as if God is calling to the world through us (an appeal if you will)

and what so many seem to be slinging is none too appealing

now I’m not suggesting we sugar-coat or water-down to make following Jesus easier BUT for crying out loud, let’s at least try to act like Him.

we’ve been running around drawing far too many lines in the sand for far too long and the waves are about to crash down

may we be the salt and be the light…and may it truly be us for them



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