Kony 2012

I have been following Invisible Children for many years

I have been to Uganda twice over the past 2 years

I have personally visited Invisible Children’s headquarters in Gulu, Uganda

but I am no authority

Invisible Children were the first to bring Uganda and Kony to my attention – they have excelled in raising awareness as we have all witnessed by now

they have been highly praised and highly criticized

but instead of giving my money and time to and through Invisible Children, I have personally chosen to devote them to and through Watoto – as I was taken by their approach to changing Uganda

I have seen first hand the effects Kony has had on that country

I have stood on the same ground from where he abducted children…and much worse

my Ugandan friends have lived through a horrible war and yet rise up

I have seen them and they have seen me

I cannot save them but I can stand beside them

invisible children, watoto, charity water, one, (red), etc….need to be held accountable for their actions

…and so does Kony

I for one, will not just sit by and criticize, ambivalent and jaded

I will stand up for my friends who have lived and suffered at the hands of Joseph Kony



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