Merry Christmas (?)

it has subtly crept in, year after year

and I couldn’t never quite put my finger on it

among Christians there seems to be a latent anger around Christmas time

and it is becoming palpable

their faces redden as ‘Christ is taken out of Christmas’ – like He is marginalized by semantics

they obnoxiously wish someone ‘Merry Christmas’ merely out of spite or to prove a point

are these the responses we are called to?

I too am saddened that more do not know my Jesus

but I am not overly surprised that Jesus is being removed by a culture than doesn’t recognize Him from a time that has seemingly little to do with Him

so my fellow brothers and sisters…you love Jesus?


so show it

you want to celebrate Christmas?


do it in a way that honours your Lord

because quite honestly – you’re not acting much like the One you say you celebrate if you are driven to anger and bitterness instead of grace and mercy

1st Peter talks about giving an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you have – and to do this with gentleness and respect

is the hope that you’re showing calloused and jaded?

or are people even asking you?

and may Jesus shine in our hearts so brightly and His love so fully that we desire to serve those who may not acknowledge Christ yet, as we celebrate not just His birth – but His life, death and resurrection


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