like a child (guest post)

a guest post from engineer-extraordinaire, Austin Rosom
“Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven…” 

Words like these resonate throughout the gospel as Jesus roamed, touching lives, loving, living..
So what stands out.. what stood differently among these children.  Was it their age?
But with age comes more understanding of the gospel and ability to grow… right..?
So what was so different about these children.  Was it how they lived?  Children are
dependent on their parents to look after them and they are fairly simple in the way they live…
But is that where the difference stands out?  Living simply
As adults we like to make everything very complex and we look at everything much different than
a child would.

What sets them apart?
A few weeks ago I had the privilege of sitting down with a 2 year old named Ari, and throwing a ball against a wall. As
one would expect, every time we threw it, it came back.  To me, this wasn’t incredible or amazing, it was just..
normal.  But to Ari, this was spectacular.  His face grew with joy every time that ball rolled back into his lap.  For
a good… 20 minutes we threw this same ball against a wall.  Still, every time in awe of this magnificent thing. 
This got me thinking…
This joy that children have for simple things like balls bouncing off walls, is the same type of awe, and wonder when
they hear the story of Jesus.  The awe I saw in Ari’s eyes… was just a small glimpse of that awe.  To them, God isn’t normal, its something huge, that is incomprehensible.  They do not contemplate theology, split themselves into
denominational groups, or even try to comprehend, that is too complex.  When it comes to living, they live simply.

In awe.

Do we get lost in details?
Do we find ourselves forgetting to stand in awe of God?

Jesus make me…. Like a child.


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