middle-management for life

middle management is the worst (if that’s you – I’m sorry)

you’ve climbed the corporate ladder, you’ve put in your time
you probably have a decent desk and possibly an office

someone’s always telling you what to do, though you rarely have the authority to actually do it

but there’s something comfortable about the middle, isn’t there?

– it’s rather noncommittal
– you don’t have to make big decisions
– you get to boss around other people, further down the ladder
– there’s a sense of entitlement
– and so on

it seems that in our attempt to find this ‘american dream,’ we’ve actually bought into middle-management Christianity Life:
– noncommittal, making few decisions, bossy, entitled and so on

but this is not what we are called to and definitely not what we should aspire to be

we are called to be janitors (with all due respect)
– cleaning toilets
– gathering garbage
– scrubbing floors
– humbling ourselves

Jesus is a servant, yet God

what is too beneath you?
– cuz there’s some toilets needing some serious scrubbing in Jesus’ name

may we take off our middle-management ties (pride), put on our work gloves (humility) and serve…because the secret is we’re actually kings and queens in God’s kingdom.

and get this…those we serve – they bear God’s own image, deserving our utmost respect


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