zombies everywhere!

this is not a halloween post – though it is October 31st

nor is this an anti-halloween post

but there are zombies everywhere!

as I sat and listened to him I found myself continually nodding my agreement

‘how could he see in my head?’

there is obviously something going on here – something beneath the surface

these passions and dreams rolling around my head and heart resonating with what I’m hearing

there is something going on and I know it’s not just with me

there is a stirring among the zombies

can you feel it too?

not just here

and not just there

in the midst of chaos and death – life is bursting

can you feel it too?

the wind is changing

many are scared

many retreat

but I have hope

those asleep are waking – no longer zombies

there is life – deep life

do you have it?

or are you still a zombie? wandering and devouring…

I’m not scared of zombies – for you see, I was one


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