the impact of being plateaued 2

I’ve had some time to cool down after losing the majority of the last post

I posted these, not because I wanted to ‘call out’ other pastors and leaders, but because they point out some of my own flaws and I bet I’m not the only one

honesty time (I hate this part):

1) I struggle to relinquish control

2) I sometimes am tempted to filter what God may be saying

3) I have perpetuated different classes of Christianity

4) I admit that it is entirely easier to know something as opposed to doing something

5) far too often I default to the ‘church service’ mentality compared to the ‘church in service’ mentality

6) I find myself more concerned about what other people think of me rather than what God thinks of me


I do not share these because I like to injury myself publically

I recently apologized to my church body for not being the leader I should be…I have been lacking a deep, faith-filled following of Jesus


these ‘faith-less’ days are done for me. they are dead and gone

honesty time (I love this part)

1) I am learning to empower and encourage others to take seriously God’s call as He leads them

2) I desire to ‘allow’ God to speak for himself through the ways He chooses to (though, that doesn’t mean I do not teach)

3) I am now seeing each Jesus-lovin’ follower as equally valuable and equipped for what God wants to do through them (ie: a holy, royal priesthood)

4) I yearn to be driven to act because of what I know

5) I am resisting the mentality of ‘come and see’ church vs. ‘go and show’ (forgive the cheeziness – still true)

6) I want Jesus to be famous! And I want to hear the words: “well done, good and faithful servant.”


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