a little too quiet

there’s a quote from the critically acclaimed tubular 1991 movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, The Secret of the Ooze that (sadly) often comes to mind.

when the Turtles secretly infiltrate The Shredder’s junkyard,

Leonardo observes, “The perimeter’s quiet.”
To which, Donatello replies, “Yeah, a little too quiet.”

the reason I bring this up is this

as I was reflecting today on how we as Christians go about our lives, I was initially comforted that many people, churches, ministries were quietly ‘getting it done’

but I was struck – maybe it’s a little too quiet

now, there’s something refreshing about the lack of in-your-face churchianity, however, maybe in our attempt to not be ‘those people’ (I won’t name any names) we’ve shied away from the distinct presence we are called to

maybe the pendulum has swung too far

I’ve heard the great commission described in a way that ‘as you go…make disciples’ inferring that as we go about our lives (jobs, education, etc) to make disciples more naturally

but there may be an urgency lost

there may be a passivity included

I agree that we should as we go
– however maybe it’s a little too quiet

I don’t want the response at the end to be – we quietly went about our way, making little impact

nor that we forcefully went about our way with little compassion, making little impact

I never want to be unclear in this:

I, Tyson, love Jesus

I have given and am giving my life for Him

there are a lot of major implications that come from such a statement

but I don’t want to be too quiet anymore


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