a little less dry and a little less cold

aaaaahhhhhhh…(a sigh of relief)

taking the morning to meditate, pray and read was exactly what I’ve needed (what I’ve been missing)

the iPhone was off

the Franciscan Friars were quiet

and my soul was at peace

that elusive silence and solitude was not elusive today

I was immediately aware of my own breathing

like an accordion pumping in and out – rhythmically and cyclically

I had forgotten about breathing

I had forgotten about the breath of God in me

reading His Word without duty or guilt – but out of love

listening without agenda or needing to speak – but out of love

drawn to pray for needs as they came to mind

and clarity – such clarity

vision and heart attuned to the impossible

I died a little more today

but feel like I’m breathing fresh air for the first time

my soul, a little less dry and a little less cold

still, small voice – we are listening


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