guilt and the relentless pursuit of ‘betterness’

is there hope for us?

or are we caught in a perpetual cycle of of mediocrity?

there are things that need to be changed – decisions to be made and backed up

something about an old self dying and a new self being put on

but realistically, it feels as though we can’t even make up our minds

with our words we acknowledge it

yet with our actions we deny it

we want to be better

we need to be better

but this guilt

it permeates and infects

distorts and weakens

is there hope for us?

can we look back one day having changed?

defeatist thinking is too easy

‘why should we even try at all?’

has my faith grown small?

God, if ever we needed you – we need you now

I think we’re still figuring out that we’re naked and removed from the garden


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