everything is rubbish…

I rarely delve into popular blog trending for my personal writing

however, today – I put that norm aside

Steve Jobs died

I mourn his death, not because of my iPhone or iPad or MacBook or the sleek way they all integrate and have changed the way we live

I mourn because one person has died

but I got to thinking:

how many others die without so much as a whisper?

who grieves? who mourns for them?

and then I got to thinking

as I read posts and blogs and random thoughts from random people:

what will be my mark on this existence? (I know you’re all thinking it too)

and then I really got thinking:

all my ambition, all my drive – rubbish if I lose grip of one key truth

“the last will be first and the first will be last”

I pray that I will be found faithful as a servant

what will your mark be?

will this world be better or worse after you’re done here?


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