dear future self

I wish I could explain what life is like to you, because I know you will have forgotten the details and left only with vague feelings

I’m confused whether to write in the past or present tense…so I’m choosing the present

overall, life is good – actually quite good, though there is a sneaking suspicion that it’s not all that it could be yet…

I hope you’re better than me
I hope you’re wiser
I hope you’re more gentle (is gentler a word?)
I hope you’re faith is greater
I hope your love is more full (fuller?)

I’m trying to do things/ change things to bring about these improvements for you – but I get lazy and complacent

speaking of which – sorry for the poor dietary choices that I have made
are you more wrinkly now?
how’s the hair situation?

have you found the secret yet?

is God close? or are you far?

do you walk with Jesus?

say hi to my wife and kids for me.


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