you’re only as good as your last post

I am continually my own worst critic

starting up this blog again has reopened my heart

open again to both the good and the bad – but I guess I have to take both

there’s a weight off my chest and a burden off my shoulders as I release these petty thoughts

but, there’s a vulnerability that I would rather not carry with me

as most writers can attest to, though I’d hardly consider myself a ‘writer’ – you’re only as good as the last thing you wrote.

in my case, only as good as the last post

I want to nail it every time, but I can’t
I want to pour myself out fully, but I can’t

there will be mediocrity, there will be missed marks

but I pray we will be better because of the trip

so, as we continue to journey together – be gentle, knowing I critique far more than you ever could

there will be up’s and there will be down’s – but we’ll come out okay

thanks for journeying with me…and tell your friends.


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