decidely moderate

I’ve noticed that when I’m with my ‘righty’ friends (and I use that term in all kindness) I tend to gravitate to a more left approach

I’ve subsequently noticed that when I’m with my ‘lefty’ friends (and I use that term in all sarcasm – haha) I tend to gravitate to a more right approach

now, before you charge me with flippantly changing my stance let me say…

I’m decidely moderate

and this is a dangerous thing for me to say, for I run the risk of losing the respect of both the lefties and the righties in so doing

but I see the severity at either end of the spectrum as more dangerous

there are things in this life that aren’t quite as cut and dry as people would like to make them out to be

you may think that I’m just noncomittal

but I would submit that I’m very commited to listening (to both sides or more) and attempting to make a decision from there

I prefer that to just going along with whatever the ‘groups’ are saying

…or maybe I’m just moderately undecided?


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