I see you

forgive the creepiness of that title

I see you

yeah, you

you slide through life without so much as a word
you keep quiet and reserved
you hold back
you keep your proverbial cards close
you shove your passions deep down
you keep your head down and your mouth shut
you try and you try to maintain this facade

but I see you
…and you’re not fooling me

there’s so much more there, I know
there’s so much depth to your soul
there are things that boil your blood
there’s mystery and passion and life
there’s so much more than…this

and I see you.

you have something to say, I just know it
you have wisdom to share
you have so much life and it’s killing you

don’t keep it in. don’t hold it back
let it out…let it out

and let them see you too.


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