are you content with your life?
where you are right now, as you are – are you content?

is it even possible to be content?
what does it mean to have contentment?

it seems that so many of us are running around – waiting for what’s next; wishing things would be different; regretting decisions; etc.

is it possible to just be ok where you are now?

I know, so many questions, so little answers. maybe that’s my M.O.

but I want to be content. I want to find rest. I want to know peace. I want to be ok.

what would have to change in your life for you to find contentment?
more money?
more love?
more time?
less pain?
less loss?
less confusion?

no matter what happens today – I will choose to be content.
no matter what happens tomorrow –  I will choose to be content.

you may think that I am delusional, but I choose to find my contentment in my God – no matter how much money, how much love, how much time, how much pain, how much loss, how much confusion.


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