mean face

I have a mean neutral face (so I’m told)

I wish I didn’t.

I wish my mouth turned slightly upward in a mild grin, welcoming to all those around. birds would begin singing; flowers would bloom; the sun would poke it’s playful face out from behind clouds shaped like puppies playing; children would run up to me as I passed by asking me to tell them a story (because people with happy neutral faces obviously love children and stories); and the world would just make sense.

…but I have a mean neutral face.

it’s not that I am angry. it’s not that I’m frustrated. I’m honestly just neutral and my facial muscles relax into a ‘mean position’.

so the next time you see me, give me a little smirk (knowing my penchant for mean neutral faces) and I’ll return the same. and maybe the sun will shine anyway.


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