acceptable snobbery

it’s struck me recently that we’ve become a society of like or dislike. now, facebook really has nothing to do with it – but the opportunity to casually boast about that which we like or dislike has become second nature to many.

so, I’ve made a decision – I’m going to like more things. no, I’m not going to click ‘like’ more often.

what I am going to do is this: cherish more.

my life, my family, my friends, my experiences…but more than that.

instead of necessarily categorizing the items in life to like or dislike automatically – I want to like more/ cherish more. things that may not be in my scope of natural-likeness.

it’s become acceptable snobbery to align ourselves with this genre of music or that, this type of movie or that, this book or that, etc.

we shut out the things we don’t like. closed-minded souls we are.

but I want to appreciate more. see the hidden qualities. grasp the texture of an unknown tapestry.

so, you listen to your country music, watching Twilight and reading it as well – and I’ll be standing there silently applauding your horrible choice in entertainment but appreciating it anew all the same.


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