death to the orator

is oration dead?

maybe I’ll back up a step – oration is, simply a public speech.

so, are public speeches dead?
I’ve heard it said that “with these new generations coming up with little to no attention span, the use of public speaking over 5 minutes in length will cease.”

thoughts, new generations? are you really, as generations as ADD/ADHD as you are treated or pandered to?
or is oration just a dead or dying means of communication?

as much as I enjoy communication through more technological means, I still hold a special place in my heart for someone who is able to grasp the imagination and attention of an audience publicly.

the modulation, the inflection….the pause….the body language, the facial expression, the moment.

teachers, politicians, preachers, activists, among others know the importance of oration, the ability to inspire – but are they just fighting a losing battle?


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