hope against hope

so, this weekend I will be teaching at my church (call it preaching if you will)

as I have mentioned before, this is extremely humbling (don’t read as: Tyson thinks he’s humble – read as: Tyson thinks he has little to no business doing this) and entirely sobering.

I plan on talking about hope.

I need hope.

I think there’s probably 3 groups of people (let me pigeon-hole you – haha) in regards to hope:

1) those who see no need for hope, thinking life is what it is
2) those who have no hope, thinking life is sterile and bleak at best
3) those who have hope, thinking life is abundant and full at least

which one are you? or are you in another pigeon-hole altogether?

my friends and possibly enemies, there is hope and I need it.

I’m sorry (not out of pity) for those who have no hope. I’m sorry for those who see no need for hope.

I choose to (despite opposition) find my hope in Jesus. it’s a choice I’ve made and continue to make.

call me crazy, call me pious, call me what you will.

this is not an easy choice – as “hope means hoping when things are hopeless, or it is no virtue at all.” – GK Chesterton.

now, don’t get my wrong – many times I feel as though I bounce from one pigeon-hole to the next. yet, the person I desire and strive to be is one that finds hope.

today I choose to find hope.

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