blog ideas?

As I sat with my laptop one night, reading a friend’s blog with a black background and white text, I found when I looked away my retinas were burning and there were lines floating in the air around me. “This is not conducive to enjoyable blog reading” – I thought to myself, crying a small tear of blurred vision.

This led me to change the background colour and text on this delightful blog which you are currently reading. I hope you can appreciate the change.

With that in mind – I’m looking for suggestions, ideas, concepts, etc to improve Ineloquent Anthem. I would be honoured if you were to take the time to offer anything you might have. If someone savvy enough would even be willing to develop a template for me – that’d be swell.

I also enjoy reading other blogs and am looking for suggestions in that realm as well. What are you reading that you would suggest?

Thanks muchly for your readership – I look forward to continuing this journey with you.


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