you’re boring

I’m in a strange mood (might be the v-neck)…

having just returned from speaking at camp for the week, my outlook seems different. not earth-shattering epiphane-type stuff. just a tweak here and a tweak there.

Christians overall are pretty boring. but not for the reasons you might initially think. not because of legalism. not because of morals (well, maybe a weird misinterpretation). but because they’re just plain boring.

where’s the life? where’s the love? where’s the flavour?

the Jesus I know had life, had love and had flavour. having just walked through the sermon on the mount, something that comes to mind is Jesus’ call for his followers to be salt.

yaddi, yadda – old news for you?

salt brings flava (flavour)

you follow Jesus? stop being so boring. live a full life. live a life full of love. and at least try to have a little flavour and add a little to this world while you’re at it.

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