the furious longing of God

just digging into the furious longing of God, by brennan manning.

…and if you could join me, sipping iced americanos, listening to Bon Iver, oh the conversations we would have…

enjoy a couple excerpts:

“the shattering truth of the transcendent God seeking intimacy with us is not well served by gauzy sentimentality, schmaltz, or a naked appeal to emotion, but rather in the boiling bouillabaisse of shock bordering on disbelief, wonder akin to incredulity, and affectionate awe tinged with doubt.”

“the seldom-stated truth is that many of us have a longing for God and an aversion to God. Some of us seek Him and flee Him at the same time.”

I resonate with manning on a disarmingly honest level.
maybe you as well.

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