have you forgiven yourself?

you know, for that thing that keeps haunting you? you know what I’m talking about…

forgive yourself, please.

stop dragging yourself through the mire. stop wallowing in unforgiveness. stop abusing yourself. stop mutilating yourself.

please don’t HATE yourself. allow yourself to love yourself.

forgive yourself, please.

I hear a lot of people talk a lot about forgiveness. They talk about how we should forgive others (far easier said than done). They talk about how they have received forgiveness. But these same people neglect a crucial aspect – themselves. They have not forgiven themselves.

Is that you? Even as you read these words – images, memories, regrets bubble up to the surface. My intent is not to evoke pain, it is to evoke forgiveness.

forgive yourself, please.

…now you’re thinking “yeah, yeah, ok.”

but stop…and forgive yourself truly.

What’s done has been done. That cannot be changed. Seek forgiveness in the places you need to and start again – new and fresh. Stop dwelling on the past.

You may think I’m daft. You may think I’m naive. You may think I don’t understand what you’ve been through, what you’ve done, or what’s been done to you. You’re probably right. I may not.

But does my lack of understanding have any bearing on your need of forgiveness? Don’t use me as your excuse to withhold forgiveness.

Where do you need to seek forgiveness? family? friend? God? yourself?

this bitterness and resentment so many of us carry around in our lives is infecting our minds and our hearts, permeating the very fabric of our existence. get rid of it.

maybe there’s someone you need to forgive…release it and live freely.

The Jesus I follow is, among so many things, one of mercy, love, and forgiveness. For those of you who say you also follow this Jesus – maybe now’s the time to back up your talk and forgive.

if you’re reading this with any glimpse of honesty – forgive yourself, please and let’s together live freely and fully.


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