attention so-called Christians

so, you call yourself a Christian? why?

because you go to church? congrats!
because you pray before you eat, or before a test, or when you get a flat-tire? wow
because you own a Bible? so does every hotel room
because you have a fish-decal on your car or some ‘witty’ sticker? you still drive like a moron
because you don’t swear? just under your breath or with words like frick or crap
because you don’t have sex before marriage? not that you’d admit anyways, but…
because you judge those who aren’t like you? but you wouldn’t call it judging – you would call it lovingly concerned

because…we could go on, couldn’t we?

or…is it because you:

feed the hungry?
give drink to the thirsty?
welcome strangers?
clothe the naked?
care for the sick?
visit the prisoners?

– let’s do this is Jesus’ name.


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