…it comes from the least likely sources. those who ‘should’ be advocates, are actually conniving, planning, waiting to catch you. is this what your life has become? a witch-hunt? a perputual pursuit of wrong? where is your joy? where is your contentment? where is your peace? where is your….love? you feign at all these – lipservice, not even convinving to you (or is it? – that may be the scariest part, you actually believe the words that come out of your mouth)

now before you go and say, what about you? let me publicly flog myself for you…I have been guilty of this. I pass judgment quickly. I assume my position is correct. I actually believe the words that come out of my mouth.

…but – I don’t want to anymore. may I not be found proud. may I not be found assuming I’m right. but may I be found humble – acknowledging my short-comings and seeking the truth.

so, for your sake – give it up. please.


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