ode to elderly women

offroad-trip-trouble-037.jpg…so, I ran out of gas yesterday (this seems blog-worthy)

 I was driving my ’89 Ford Ranger (obviously rad) on my way to meet a friend for coffee.  My tank-meter (that’s a technical term – don’t bother yourself with that) read 1/4 tank, so I thought nothing of it.  Then, kachug, kachug, kachug.  I knew what was going on.  There was a gas station about 12 blocks away, so I attempted to limp along – but to no avail.  Pulling toward the parking lane, my truck died, leaving it’s butt-side out in the driving lane. 

 Attempting to push the truck through the snow piles that Regina City Snow Removal left for just such an occasion, proved harder than my giant muscles could handle.  Fearing for my life, but more for my pride, I dodged and weaved as vehicles drove by, narrowly missing me.

 Finally, in a moment of super-human strength, I moved the piece of junk safely out of the way; to sit and wait for my bro to arrive with a gas can.

But, you know what?  I was blown away by people’s response to my plight.

There I was, looking disheveled and dangerous (haha); a young man with big earrings, driving a junker truck, and who came to my rescue?

I had so many elderly women offer to help me.  They offered to push my truck for me (obviously seeing how weak I truly am) and offered to shovel the snow out of the way.  I felt very blessed.  Instead of sitting in their houses, laughing at me; they got up and jumped into action.  Instead of pushing me over as I struggled, they offered to help.

I think the world can still be a ‘good’ place.  I think there is hope for the human race.  Except Calgary…you have no idea how many times when the car I had on internship broke down on the side of the road and not one single person offered to help.

So, the moral of this story is:  

                  If you see someone stranded, offer them help – maybe you can be the Elderly    Women in their life.  And don’t we all want that?



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